Frequently Asked Questions

What is Breakout Saint John?

Breakout Saint John is an entertainment and team-building company located in Saint John New Brunswick featuring themed escape room games.

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a real-life game where teams of players work together to find clues, solve puzzles and ultimately escape the room within 60 minutes.

How do I book a game?

Most of our bookings are done online. First, check out our Rooms. After you decide which one you’d like to play, go to our Book Now page to see availability. You can book a game directly through our website. You do not need to prepay in order to book. We accept cash, debit and credit onsite. If you are looking for a same day booking, please call us at (506) 643-8688 to see if we have any walk-in availability for that day.

Puzzles? What do you mean by “Puzzles”? Do I need to be a genius to solve them?

No, you don’t need to be a genius to solve the puzzles in our rooms, but you will need to use your brain. No matter what your personality, you'll love our games! We've created a variety of puzzles so everyone will find something they enjoy. Each room contains unique puzzles and you will need to use different skills to solve them. Each player brings their own strengths to the team! Your task is to use the items in the room to find clues and figure out how they work together to decode, unlock and solve your way out of the room. Anything in the room could be a piece to a puzzle.

How hard is the Game?

Each room has a different difficulty level out of 5 but you can choose to make it easier by asking for hints if you get stuck. Escape rooms are meant to be challenging so every team does not escape. If your team doesn’t escape, you can choose to come back and try again or our Room Escape Host will walk you through the rest of the game. If you are competitive, we do have a leaderboard for each room but you will have to escape with 2 hints or less to qualify. We also honour our "Masterminds" (those who esape without using any hints) by placing their team photo on our Mastermind wall.

What if our group can’t figure out what to do next?

You are never alone at Breakout Saint John! Our staff monitor all rooms using cameras to ensure you are never stuck on a puzzle for too long. You are welcome to request a hint at any time if you are struggling to figure out what to do next.

What kinds of groups come to Breakout Saint John?

Any group of people! Grab your friends, family members, or co-workers. It’s great for corporate team building, private events, youth groups, bachelor/bachelorettes, birthday parties …. anytime you want to get together with some people and have a fun and immersive experience together.

Do you do private events/special occasions?

We sure do! Check out our Corporate & Private Event page for more information.

Is it scary? Am I safe?

Our rooms are always safe. All rooms have emergency exits and are monitored by staff at all times. We do have a couple of scary rooms and others that are not scary at all. Please read the room descriptions. If you have any questions about a specific room, please give us a call at 643-8688 (6-GETOUT). Our scarier rooms are rated by age as either 14+ or 16+. Teens younger than the specified age cannot play those games unless accompanied by their guardian/parent.

What if I don’t have enough people to fill a room?

Each of our games has a maximum amount of players per booking and some rooms have a minimum. Please see the Rooms page for more details about each game. If you book less than 4 tickets in any one of our games, the remaining tickets will remain open for others to join you. If you book for 4 players or more, you will have the room to yourselves. If you would like to have a room privately but have less than 4 players, you must purchase the minimum 4 tickets. The only exception to this is if you have Youth in your group - we do not mix groups if there are children 15 and under in the booking.

What Ages Can Play?

The ideal age range would be 10+ but this all depends on the child. Escape Rooms can be a great family activity. Many puzzles will be too difficult for children but kids can be great helpers and searchers. We have age ratings for our more scary rooms that prohibit certain ages from participating. We ask an adult to stay onsite for any group of children under 16. We do not recommend bringing toddlers or preschoolers as the activity probably won't hold their attention long enough. Having said that, if you must bring a young child with you, children 5 and under are free. We also have a youth price for those age 6-15 years old.

I’m worried I’ll feel Claustrophobic.

You don’t need to worry about feeling claustrophobic. All of our rooms are a good size and you can choose to leave at any point if you start to feel uncomfortable.

How Much Does it Cost?

Our regular adult price is $20.95 per player. We also have other specials and incentives on our social media pages so be sure to join/like them all! We currently have a reduced rate of $18.50 for youth ages 6-15 years old.

When can I play? What are your hours?

Our regular business hours are Wednesday and Thursday 3:30-11pm and Friday to Sunday 12:30-11pm. Please visit our Book Now page to see game availability. We also do private bookings through the week. Please contact us at if you are interested in a private event or corporate team building. We will work with you to accommodate your group’s needs.

How long is the game?

Please allow for 75 minutes from start to finish. This gives us time to brief you on your game and provide a walk through/debriefing afterward if you so choose. The actual game component is for 60 minutes, unless you breakout before time runs out! Briefing will begin promptly at the scheduled start time so please do not be late. This is to ensure the room is ready for the next group coming in. We recommend arriving about 10 minutes before your scheduled game just to be safe. We do have one game that is a longer room, which is indicated in the room description.

I’ve done all your rooms. Do you ever change them?

Yes, we plan to change our themes and puzzles up periodically. We will be adding rooms as well. We have space for 7 rooms in our current location, so check back often and follow us on your preferred social media platform to find out about new rooms, puzzle and theme changes.

How do I confirm my booking?

Please bring an ID with you so we can confirm your booking.

What if I need to make changes to my booking or cancel?

You may change or cancel your booking for a full refund up to 48 hours prior to your booking start time. To do so, please email us at There are no refunds for cancellations on bookings less than 48 hours before your start time. On cancellations within 24-48 hours, you may be able to reschedule the booking for a different day or receive a full credit towards a future booking. Please email to request a change in this case.

Where are you located?

Please check out our Contact page for a map to our location at 358 Rothesay Avenue, Saint John.

Any other questions?