Corporate, Private & Birthday Events

Room Escapes are the perfect corporate team building activity and great for any kind of private group event. Inside the game, your group will use critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, communication and many other skills. You will need to work together to achieve your goal. Our rooms are designed to be an immersive experience that will challenge your team in new ways while also bringing you together and having a great time!

Please see the information below about group rates, birthday parties, and private rentals. You are welcome to book your game in one of our open time slots or contact us by email at to ask about a private rental and how we will work with your group to ensure you have a wonderful experience! In addition to the game rooms, we have our orientation room, our private rental room, a small fridge with freezer, and our lobby.

Group Rates

We offer packages for groups of up to 50 ppl

All group packages include schedule adjustment so all rooms in your booking with have synchronized start times.

  • 2 Rooms (up to 16ppl) - $300

  • 3 Rooms (up to 24 ppl) - $450

  • 4 Rooms (up to 32 ppl) - $600

  • 5 Rooms (up to 40 ppl) - $750

  • 6 Rooms (up to 48 ppl) - $900

We can accommodate an extra few people if needed

Please note: Package pricing does not include taxes.

Above package pricing is only available if bookings are made during normal operating hours. Private bookings outside normal hours will be charged an additional fee.

Birthday Parties

Celebrate your special day with us!

  • Number of players allowed and cost depends on the age of players and the chosen room.
  • Child and Adult Birthdays are welcome. (Recommended for ages 10+)
    For those under 13 years old, we recommend our room "Warped: Return to Reality".
  • Digital group photos taken at the facility.
  • Child Birthday Party Package for Youth 15 and under is $175 (+HST) and includes admission for up to 8 players in the escape room followed by an hour in our private room to use for cake/presents, etc.

Private Rentals

$25/player (+HST)

  • Private rental pricing applies to bookings made outside normal operating hours.
  • Private rentals have a minimum booking fee of $225 plus HST (which would cover up to 9 players).
  • We can accommodate groups of up to 55 players when utilizing all our escape rooms at once.
  • If you have a large group and are interested in renting our whole facility and utilizing common areas for meetings, catering, etc., please contact us for more information.